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Mosaic Photo technically all started when Kyle bought me (Julie) a nice camera to take with her when she studied abroad in Ireland.  After weeks getting to take photos in a place where it's nearly impossible to take a bad photo, I returned home with a new passion and together we started documenting all of our adventures -- from afternoon hammock dates to road trips to NYC.


However, we realized this was an adventure to chase after boldly after giving family photos to Kyle's sister (who is now one of our associates) as a Christmas gift.  Kyle's killer camera skills and my awkwardness which puts others at ease in front of the camera meshed so perfectly, and the images we captured were and continue to be so special.  That was when we knew that photography was going to be a part of our story.

We capture your love story so that you can tell it for generations to come

There is more to our photographs than beautiful lighting and vivid colors; each image we capture contains memories!  Epic tales of young lovers embarking on the great adventure of life together.  Memoirs of lives well lived and families full of love.  Whatever the story, we would be honored to tell yours!

Let's grab some ice cream and get to know each other!


Favorite Ice Cream
chocolate chip cookie dough
Bucket List Item
ride in a hot air balloon

Craziest Adventure
study abroad in Ireland


Favorite Ice Cream
mint chocolate chip
Bucket List Item
drive off-road across the Australian Outback and backpack across New Zealand
Craziest Adventure
epic kayaking adventure on flood-stage waters of Sweetwater Creek


husband & wife deeply in love and chasing adventure each and every day